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The Kevlar V-Belt is an extra heavy duty belt constructed of organic polyamide fibers. The polyamide fibers are created by a complex chemical process. This process allows the Kevlar belts to have a high resistance to repeated reverse flexing, oil, heat and cracking. Kevlar belts also offer high tensile strength, non-extensibility, and high resistance to shock loads. Dim A (1) 5/8" X 89.5" (2273.3). MODELS : Husqvarna RIDING MOWER: HAU18H48A,Husqvarna RIDING MOWER: YTH1848XPA,Husqvarna RIDING MOWER: YTH1848XPB,Husqvarna RIDING MOWER: YTH1848XPC,Husqvarna RIDING MOWER: YTH2048A,Poulan LAWN/GARDEN TRACTOR: DPR22H48STA,Poulan LAWN/GARDEN TRACTOR: DPR22H48STB,Poulan LAWN/GARDEN TRACTOR: DPR22H48STC,Poulan LAWN/GARDEN TRACTOR: PDGT26H48,Poulan LAWN/GARDEN TRACTOR: PD20PH48ST,Poulan LAWN/GARDEN TRACTOR: PD25PH48ST,Poulan LAWN/GARDEN TRACTOR: PR24PH48STA,Sears/ Craftsman RIDING MOWER: 251160,Sears/ Craftsman RIDING MOWER: 275010,Sears/ Craftsman RIDING MOWER: 275011,Sears/ Craftsman RIDING MOWER: 275020,Sears/ Craftsman RIDING MOWER: 275021,Sears/ Craftsman RIDING MOWER: 601900,Sears/ Craftsman RIDING MOWER: 601901.