MowerPartsGroup Spindle Assembly for Murray Lawn Garden Tractors 38" to 52" Part 492574MA

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You are purchasing a replacement spindle assembly for Murray Lawn Garden Tractors

---Features and Specs---

Height: 2-3/4"
OD: 7"
Grease Zerk

---Fits Models---

38"- 52" LT Rail
46"- 52" GT Rail

38602x66F, 38602x70H, 38602x70J, 38623x5Ca, 38623x5Da, 38632x66B, 38633x92A
38633x92B, 38702x20D, 38702x20E, 38702x7Aa, 38702x7Ba, 38702x8Da, 38702x8Ea
38705A, 38705x30A, 38705x5Ba, 38500B, 38501x50B, 38502x51B, 38502x98A
38515x83A, 38515x92A, 38515x92B, 38516x29A, 38516x52A, 38710A, 38711x20A
38711x29A, 38711x52A, 38711x66A, 38711x67A, 38711x73A, 38711x96A, 38711x73B
38714x51B, 38715A, 38715x82A, 38716x82A, 38717x53A, 40502x50B, 40503x88B
40504x92A, 40505x95A, 40507x8Ba, 40530x51B, 40541C, 40542D, 40564x51B


492574MA, 20551, 24384, 24385, 1001046, 1001200, 1001200MA, 1001194MA, 492574MA, 726958, 726959, 721447

Please double check model, serial and part numbers to verify fitment prior to purchase. Thanks!