(6) Heavy Duty Blades Compatible With Grasshopper 61" 320242, 1696323YP

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You are purchasing six replacement blades for Grasshopper 61"


Length: 21"
Width: 2-1/2"
Center Hole: 1/2"
Thickness: .240"
Made in USA

---Fits Models---

Duramax 3461, Duramax 9861, 3 for 61"
ZTR, ZU4803M, ZU4804M, ZU4813M, ZU6003M, ZU6004M, Z120T, Z1251BV, Z140T, Z1401K, Z1404K, Z160T, Z180T, Z1800T, Z1801K, Z1804K, Z1805KV, Z2001K, Z2004K, Z2010K, Z2010T, Z2205KV, Z4200M, Z4201M, Z4202M, Z4800M, Z4801M, Z4802M, Z4804M, Z6000M, Z6002M, Z6004M


1696323YP, 7-9222, 7079222, 7079371BMYP, 7079371YP

Please double check model and part numbers to verify fitment or ask us. Thanks!