A&I - Belt, Comet Go Cart (9-3/16" X 9-1/4" Center Distance). PART NO: A-203594

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The Kevlar V-Belt is an extra heavy duty belt constructed of organic polyamide fibers. The polyamide fibers are created by a complex chemical process. This process allows the Kevlar belts to have a high resistance to repeated reverse flexing, oil, heat and cracking. Kevlar belts also offer high tensile strength, non-extensibility, and high resistance to shock loads. Dim A (1): 3/4" X 32.20" (817.88) Dim B (2): Asymmetric; Comet GO KART 30 Series 6 inch Driven (9-3/16" X 9-1/4" Center Distance) 30 Series 7 inch Driven (8-5/16" X 8-3/8" Center Distance)