Aftermarket Replacement Spindle for Cub Cadet 618-04889, 918-04889, 618-04822, 918-04822, 618-04950, 918-04950

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Replaces the following spindle assembly used on many zero turn mowers: 618-04889, 618-04889A, 618-04822, 618-04822A, 918-04288, 918-04288A, 618-04950, 918-04950.
Has 3 point star shaft where blades mount (Designed to accept 6 point star blades).
Includes spindle assembly, pulley, and pulley nut.
Does not include blade washer or bolt or mounting bolts.
Mounting holes are not tapped, bolts that were removed are self tapping, will tap the holes when installing...